Job Opening: CEO of the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation

UPDATE: The application deadline for this position has passed.

Employment Opportunity with the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation
Job Title: CEO

Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation History

The Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation (LCEF) is a catalyst for the development of the cultural industries of Louisiana. Louisiana’s cultural industries account for close to 8% of the state’s employment, and are growing much faster than the economy as a whole. In addition, its distinct culture is what makes Louisiana a special place to live, work and play. In short, they are integral to both a healthy economy and quality of life in the state. Our work supports the linchpin of the cultural economy—the cultural workforce. This includes more than 148,500 cultural workers.

LCEF was founded after the release of a groundbreaking 2005 study by Mt Auburn Associates, Louisiana: Where Culture Means Business, commissioned by the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism. This report detailed the diverse and unique cultural assets of the state and demonstrated the economic potential of investing in culture as an industry. This influential report made strategic recommendations for building Louisiana’s cultural economy, and LCEF was formed to help achieve this vision.

The first phase of the LCEF’s work in 2005 was focused on helping cultural workers recover from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, which devastated the state just after LCEF was founded. Since 2007, LCEF has concentrated on two programs – the Economic Opportunity Fund and the Healthcare Initiative. Through the Economic Opportunity Fund LCEF has raised and distributed more than $1million to support entrepreneurship and new revenue streams among cultural workers, organizations and business. These funds have leveraged more than $5 million in related spending and stimulus to the state’s economy. The funds have also made it possible for more than 400 cultural economy stakeholders to employ new strategies to generate income. The Healthcare Initiative works to connect cultural workers to the healthcare resources that they need to live healthy and productive lives. Since its inception in 2008, this program has served the needs of over 1,500 cultural workers through healthcare referrals and screenings. The organization has received support from national funders such as the Nathan Cummings Foundation, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, The Ford Foundation, Joan Mitchell Foundation, and the Surdna Foundation, as well as government and private funders in Louisiana.

LCEF has recently completed a strategic plan that reaffirms its unique leadership role in the development of Louisiana’s cultural economy and renews its commitment to timely, catalytic action. The plan lays out a framework for change that includes action in five areas: policy and planning, research and information, capital investment, education and healthcare in order to support the state’s cultural workforce and develop a sustainable and vibrant cultural economy. LCEF believes that that true progress in this area will require collaboration across sectors including culture, business, economic development, policy, education, banking and community development. By encouraging collaborative efforts, LCEF enables these different sectors to better achieve their common goal: building a stronger, more diversified economy and healthier communities for the people of Louisiana.

The LCEF Board of Directors now seeks a dynamic CEO to lead the implementation of its strategic plan and the exciting next phase of its development.

Primary Responsibilities
Working closely with the Board of Directors, the CEO will lead the development of the organization to fulfill its strategic goals by:
• Developing programs and initiatives to achieve LCEF’s strategic goals
• Forging partnerships in multiple sectors (tourism, government, nonprofit culture, workforce development, economic development, financial, education, etc.) that advance LCEF’s strategic goals
• Creating a robust plan to raise funds in the public and private sector; LCEF’s recent strategic plan will provide new and renewed opportunities to appeal to a National funder audience
• Targeting key meetings and gatherings both locally and statewide, where the business community is gathered
• Providing direction to the Development Director on strategies for raising funds to implement programs and initiatives from public and private sources within and outside Louisiana, including government, foundations, businesses and individuals
• In working with the Development Director and Board of Directors, identify, cultivate, and solicit potential funders; and provide stewardship with existing funders in helping to maintain a strong relationship and continued support
• Managing the organization’s financial practices by working with staff and board to recommend an annual budget for Board approval, preparing quarterly financial reports for the Board and overseeing all bookkeeping, accounting and financial activities.
• Developing appropriate administrative structures to support programs and operations, including financial and reporting systems, goal-setting and personnel policies, and related functions
• Managing staff, consultants and advisors
• Guiding public relations and communications strategies, including online strategies, and representing LCEF to diverse constituencies
• Regularly assessing progress toward strategic goals and adjusting allocation of resources to maximize impacts

• Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree in public policy, arts administration, economic development or related field preferred
• Minimum of ten years professional experience in public policy, arts administration, the cultural industries, economic development or related field
• Enthusiastic interest in and knowledge of Louisiana’s unique cultural resources and traditions
• Excellent strategy development and analytical skills
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to speak to diverse constituencies, from artists to politicians to bankers to national funders, and translate between the ―languages‖ of art / business, culture / economy, local / global
• Experience as the head or senior manager in a public agency, business, or nonprofit
• Experience working with a board preferred; proven ability to work with advisory committees and external constituents required
• Experience in managing staff
• Demonstrated success in fundraising and/or capital formation

• An entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in developing and testing new models and approaches
• Willing to take risks, knowing when to adjust, and being able to learn from failure as well as success
• Ability to think by analogy and apply lessons and practices from other sectors and areas of the country / world
• An understanding of both the cultural and economic side of the cultural economy (nonprofit, commercial and unincorporated), and the similarities and differences of the cultural economy with other sectors
• An awareness of macro-trends facing cultural economy—technology, demographics, consumer behavior, etc.
• A commitment to partnership / teamwork as a core principle
• A big view of culture (not just arts)

Salary range and benefits
• Salary: Commensurate with experience (Salary range: $70,000 – $80,000)
• Benefits: Medical and dental, vacation, sick leave, holidays

Author: dorianrush

I am a performer, writer and producer in New Orleans and am actively involved with nonprofits that support and advocate for artists and culture in Louisiana.

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