February 16: The Louisiana Presenters Network Hosts Its Annual Block-Booking Meeting

On Thursday, February 16, the Louisiana Presenters Network (LPN) will hold a state-wide block-booking session for presenters. This is a great opportunity for arts administrators to share information about artists they would like to host at their organizations and/or venue in the future. If others at the session become interested in those same artists, the LPN can help create a block-booking, which reduces artist fees and other expenses, making the residencies more financially feasible. Year after year, this event proves to be very valuable to all who attend.

The meeting will be held at the Capitol Welcome Center in Baton Rouge at 10am, and the session usually lasts until about 3pm. Lunch will be ordered and delivered to the center.

If you’d like to attend, or if you have questions, please contact Naomi Cordill at symphony@bayou.com or 318-435-0029.

Author: dorianrush

I am a performer, writer and producer in New Orleans and am actively involved with nonprofits that support and advocate for artists and culture in Louisiana.

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