Greetings fellow Partners and Citizens! Or, as we like to abbreviate, greetings LPA and LCA members! Welcome to the “dog days” of summer! Hang in there for before we know it, we’ll be facing Turkey and Dressing for Thanksgiving!

An incredible year – filled with challenging opportunities ā€“ awaits! We hope you are ready to pARTicipate in the meetings and gatherings that will prepare and unite us to reposition the Arts as critical to the identity and success of Louisiana during the coming 2014 state elections! Ultimately, this Vision for greater visibility and appreciation for the Arts in Louisiana will be manifested in significant increases in State Funding to the Louisiana Division of the Arts, and subsequently, to US! The accomplishment of this “increased funding” mission requires a new level of work and a strong commitment to work together.

For this reason, the Louisiana Partnership for the Arts, and its sister advocacy organization, the Louisiana Citizens for the Arts, have created Strategic Plans that are designed – with timelines – to strengthen the capacity of all Louisiana Arts organizations, unite the diverse field of the Arts and dramatically increase the visibility and viability of the Arts. The full Partnership/Citizens will review these Plans at our first meeting of the year, Thursday, October 10, in Baton Rouge.

A core value of the Strategic Plans is the expansion of the participation in the LPA/LCA to include all Artists and Arts Organizations. It is our goal to see the Arts organizations represented by both the Executive Director/CEO and the Chairman/President of the Board during key LPA/LCA meetings. You will see the START of this strategic action when you receive your LCA invoices – in early September – requesting that you invite your Chairman to join YOU in making a personal contribution as a CITIZEN for the Arts! We hope that by this time in the life of your relationship with the LPA/LCA, you know that we need you to pay your fair share of the dues that support our professional lobbyist, Kevin Hayes; and before December 30, 2013. Additionally, to strengthen our Advocacy efforts, we will have special programming for your Chairman to help equip him/her to carry the message forward to your local and our State and National leadership!

Click here to see a complete list of LPA/LCA meetings for 2013-14.

Author: dorianrush

I am a performer, writer and producer in New Orleans and am actively involved with nonprofits that support and advocate for artists and culture in Louisiana.

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